All Specification are as the same as MSPC-7889, but with Dual LAN


CPU:Supports Intel 66Mhz Celeron and 100Mhz Coppermine FC-PGA CPU.

MEMORY: Four DIMMs sockets to support (8MB, 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB) SDRAM/EDO 168-pin memory module.

BIOS: AWARD PCI BIOS With Plug and Play, Green Function and Power Management function.

Intel AGPset: Features Intel's 440BX AGPsets with I/O subsystems and Intel's FSB (Front-Side Bus) platform,which boasts a 100MHz internal bus speed.

USB Interface:Supports the Universal Serial Bus.

IrDA Connector:Supports an infrared port module for wireless interface.

Desktop Management Interface (DMI): Supports DMI through BIOS that allows hardware to communicate within a standard protocol creating a higher level of compatibility.

PCI Bus Master IDE Controller: Comes with an onboard PCI Bus Master IDE controller with two connectors that supports four IDE devices in two channels, provides faster data transfer rates, and supports Enhanced IDE devices such as Tape Backup and CD-ROM drives. This controller supports UltraDMA/33, PIO Modes 3 and 4 and Bus Master IDE DMA Mode 2. BIOS now support IDE CD-ROM or SCSI bootup.

ECC function: with Single Bit Error correction and Multiple Bit Error Detection.

Expansion Bus: PCI Rev.2.1. 5V interface Compliant. 32 bits PCI-ISA card EDGE Connector is fully compatiable with PICMG PCI-ISA Backplane.

On-Board I/O : Winbond 83977TF_AW Chipset, supports :

H/W monitoring : Winbond 83781D Chipset, monitoring (positive, negative) Voltage, (CPU, System) Temperature and fan speed.

On-board VGA & LCD :ATI Rage Mobility-M1 Graphics Controllers:It incorporates comprehensive support for Intel's AGP 2X mode and can output to LCD,CRT. It superior support for 3D acceleration, motion video and DVD playback, integrated with 8MB SDRAM.

Dual Ethernet : Dual Intel 82559 LAN Controller, support

ATX power function : build 4-pin ATX connector on board.

Watchdog Timer: Program setting available.

Size:11.3" x 4.8" (340mm x 122mm)

PCB Layer: 8-Layer PCB.


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