Support Intel Pentium III FC-PGA CPU


MetallicOrb.gif (971 bytes) CPU : Supports Intel 66Mhz Celeron and 100Mhz, 133Mhz FC-PGA CPU.

MetallicOrb.gif (971 bytes) MEMORY : Two DIMM sockets to support 100Mhz/133Mhz SDRAM/EDO 168-pin memory module.

MetallicOrb.gif (971 bytes) BIOS: AWARD PCI BIOS With Plug and Play, Green Function and Power Management function.

MetallicOrb.gif (971 bytes) Intel 815e chipset: GMCH, ICH2, FWH Chipsets Supports


* Pentium® III/ II Processor CPU 133/100/66MHz FSB which boasts a 133MHz internal bus speed.

* Built-in 3D Graphics with 4MB SDRAM Display Cache as Z-BufferSupports Dynamic Display Memory Plus

     (DDM+) Technology

* Supports UltraDMA/100, AC ' 97, Low Pin Count I/O and integrates LAN controller


MetallicOrb.gif (971 bytes) LAN Controller : Intel 815e ICH2 integrated with W82562EM chip

MetallicOrb.gif (971 bytes) Desktop Management Interface (DMI) : Supports DMI through BIOS that allows hardware to communicate within a standard protocol creating a higher level of compatibility.

MetallicOrb.gif (971 bytes) UltraDMA/100 IDE Ports : Master UltraDMA/100 Bus IDE 80-pin Cable. Backward Compatible Legacy ATAPI Devices ATAPI IDE CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, and LS-120

MetallicOrb.gif (971 bytes) ECC function : with Single Bit Error correction and Multiple Bit Error Detection.

MetallicOrb.gif (971 bytes) Expansion Bus: : PCI Rev.2.1. 5V interface Compliant. SMSC SLC88B17, PCI-ISA Bridge Chip:

* support up to 5 ISA slot

* support full ISA at 1/4 of PCI frequency


MetallicOrb.gif (971 bytes) On-Board I/O :    1 x FDD Port(up to 2.88M)

2 x Serial Ports(16550 FAST UART Compatiable)

1 x EPP/ECP Parallel Port

IrDA TX/RX Header

Universal Serial Bus (USB) x 4

PS/2 Mouse & PS/2 KB Controller


MetallicOrb.gif (971 bytes) H/W monitoring : Winbond 83627HF I/O Chipset integrated, monitoring (positive, negative) Voltage,(CPU, System) Temperature and fan speed.


MetallicOrb.gif (971 bytes) VGA : Integrated in Chip (GMCH), 4MB on-board display cache for enhanced 3D performance

MetallicOrb.gif (971 bytes) ATX power function : build 4-pin ATX connector on board.

MetallicOrb.gif (971 bytes) Watchdog Timer: Program setting available.

MetallicOrb.gif (971 bytes) Size : 340mm x 122mm (11.3" x 4.8")

MetallicOrb.gif (971 bytes) PCB Layer : 8-Layer PCB


MSPC-8978.jpg (171561 bytes)