14 SLOTS PCI/ISA PCI-to-PCI passive backplane

@Multi-layer PCB designed

@(7 PCI / 5 ISA/2 PCI+ISA), 7 PCI BUS Mastering

@DIGITAL 21151 CHIP support follow features:

Complies fully with Rev 2.1 of the PCI Local Bus Specification

Implements delayed transactions for all PCI configuration, I/O, and

memory read commands

Supports both 5-V and 3.3V signaling environments

Provides an IEEE standard 1149.1 JTAG interface

@Molex ISA/PCI slot connectors

@Support +3.3V power connector

@Power LEDs for +/-5V, +/-12V and +3.3V

@AT (16 Bits) slot connectors - 98 pins