CPU : Support (based on 66MHz) Intel Pentium P54C/P55C MMX CPU, AMD K6-2 400MHz and Cyrix M2

MEMORY: 6 slots SIMM module, support from 8MB - 384MB Fast Page Mode ,EDO or BEDO type DRAM.

L2 CACHE: 512KB Pipeline Burst SRAM

Chipset : Intel 430HX PCIset

BIOS: AWARD PCI BIOS With Plug and Play, Green & Function and Power Management function.

Architecture : Support Pentium With MMX Technology processors at Bus Frequencies up to 66 MHz.

Expansion Bus: PCI Rev.2.1. 5V interface Compliant. 32 bits PCI-ISA card EDGE Connector is fully compatiable with PICMG PCI-ISA Backplane.

PCI IDE : Dual Bus Master PCI Enhance IDE Interface.

On-Board I/O : SMC 37C669FR Chipset, supports

1 x FDD Port(up to 2.88M)

2 x Serial Ports(16550 FAST UART Compatiable)

1 x EPP/ECP Parallel Port

IrDA TX/RX Header

PS/2 Mouse & PS/2 KB Connector

Supports the Universal Serial Bus (USB)

On-board VGA : ATI Rage IIC 64-bit Graphic Accelerator,support 2MB Display DRAM.

RTC : BENCHMARQ bq3287AMT and CMOS with 10 years lithium battery backup.

ECC function: with Single Bit Error correction and Multiple Bit Error Detection.

Watchdog Timer: Program setting available.

Size : 11.3" x 4.8" (340mm x 122mm)

PCB Layer : 6-Layer PCB.

Safety : FCC Class A, CE Class A approved.